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We are Red International Logistics, a Salvadorian company established on 2007 in order to meet the needs that the logistics processes require, this led us to create an integral service based on quality policies to meet our client’s needs and minimize problems and costs.


Currently we have strategic alliances, and an extensive network of specialized agents that allow us to offer our service at a national and international level.


As a company it defines us to always look towards the future that’s why we are in a close relation with the best technologies and developments in the logistics field to look at higher challenges and this forces us to make continual improvements and partnerships with maritime and air carriers to reach every places of both Central America and outside the region and anywhere in the world.



We focus on providing and managing the demands and requirements of our clients either by air, maritime or terrestrial; plus we manage additional inland services, cargo insurance, customs clearance, custody of merchandise and warehousing.













We coordinate ground transportation in all Central America region and our geographic location allow us strategic communication across the isthmus.


Red International Logistics can coordinate and execute (3PL) logistics processes that your company needs to supply and grow your business, we manage to implement the functions of removal, packaging and transport of merchandise between suppliers and your customers which facilitates the distribution processes and generates an effective and at the same time affordable service

Our Mission

Our Vision

Provide logistics service through a suitable human talent with quality and specialized processes to satisfy the needs of our clients based on the principles of compliance, responsibility and safety to provide solutions to suit every demand.

Be a company with world class standards in terms of quality and efficiency in complementary logistics services generating an added value to be recognized as a reliable logistics operator in the market, thanks to our operational capacity, quality of service, professionalism and continues growth of operations we look forward to achieve the expectations of our customers, employees and partners.



  • Excellence:

Achieve high levels of performance and organizational effectiveness in the ongoing search for excellence in service.


•  Commitment:

We compromise to always provide the best service for customer satisfaction


•  Reliability:

In all our operations we intend to gain the trust of our clients, suppliers and agents nationally and internationally and thus be in a close relationship and harmony in all logistics processes.


•  Effectiveness :

Maximize the potential of our team with high operational efficiency standards that differentiates us in our offer with more value and new markets.

Always ready to assist our clients with all our dedication and professionalism.


  • Service attitude:


•  Growth:

Grow sustainably, providing world-class logistic service focused on integrity and global development.




We have a network of agents worldwide that enables us higher chances of integral solutions that your business needs, maintaining close communication with all our partners around the world to boost our processes.



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